What to Feed Your Raiding Party is the comic book cookbook that challenges gamers to cook their way out of the fast food dungeon. It was my way of combining my background as a chef with my love of sequential art (aka comics) and storytelling, all while writing a love letter to geekdom and gaming.


Wanting this book to be more than "just another cookbook," I loaded it up with plenty of fun references for fans of pop culture; game mechanics like XP (experience points), skill levels, and stats; and helpful illustrations for those still building their skills in the kitchen.


Over 2 years of writing, testing, and drawing went into the creation of 'Raiding Party before its debut in 2012. I am currently working on a supplement to the cookbook with helps and substitutions for those on special diets before starting on the next volume.



I've been blogging on one topic or another since registering my first domain, ScrapsOfLife.com, in 2003. At one point I had 5 different websites updating weekly, but have since combined them under the Scraps Of Life umbrella, as I always intended it to be.


Scraps Of Life is where I chronicle the everyday and the extraordinary. It's where you can follow along as we turn a neglected 1910 Folk Victorian into our forever-home, read about how a former chef lives a Low-FODMAP lifestyle to control her IBS, find innovative cocktails, brutally honest book and product reviews, and see what creative project I've been up to lately.


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