I believe in the power of creativity, cocktails, (parenthetical references) and having a good laugh (generally at my own expense). I believe that doing at least one creative thing a day is good for the soul. I believe that having multiple passions prevents burnout and that deadlines are the best motivator second only to rewards.

Art & Illustration


Coaching & Inspiration

Art is a conversation between the creator and the consumer, which is why I like to take on projects where I'm more than just a pencil for hire. I accept commissions for illustrations and design projects as well as create work for licensing.

I love learning new things--both for my own edification as well as being able to share what I've learned with others. Whether I'm writing recipes, tutorials, or what happened yesterday, my goal is always to encourage someone else to give it a try, too!

When you do well, I do well. When you're succeeding, I'm ecstatic. When it comes to coaching I consider my main role to be your biggest fan and loudest cheerleader, with a bit of tough-love best friend thrown in for good measure.